Tips to get a better online travel deal

Looking for the best travel deals online? Changing the location on your internet browser could score you a better price on your next flight.

Stephen Joyce, CEO of Rezgo, says quite often changing just your location can make a big difference.

“If you change the location on your laptop to another country like Japan, it will quite often give you different rates. It will localize the rates for you,” he said.

The type of computer you use to book your travel plans can also have an impact on pricing.


“Apple users generally get higher pricing than PC users. Android users get better pricing than iPhone users when using mobile,” Joyce said.

When comparing flight and hotel pricing online, Joyce says it’s important to “remember that Expedia and Priceline, the two largest travel brands, own many of the travel websites, many of which are in the top 10 largest travel brands.

“If you are comparison shopping, you are actually comparison shopping against the same company, so chances are you are not going to find a lot of difference in pricing.”

If you are looking for a more adventurous holiday, Joyce says you can use a tool like tourradar to find a multi-day adventure holiday. The site allows you to search and compare adventure packages from a variety of tour operators from around the world.

Also, watch for hidden fees when booking online and read the fine print.

“Be cautious with who you are dealing with, making sure you are looking closely at the pricing you are purchasing. Make sure you have a credit card with cancellation insurance built in or think about purchasing cancellation insurance when you buy your package,” Joyce said.

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