Several charges laid in April assaults involving Surrey Creep Catchers president Ryan LaForge

The president of the Surrey Creep Catchers, a group that claims to expose people they allege are child sexual predators, is facing three charges after two separate confrontations in April.

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Ryan LaForge, 34, is charged with one count of assault and one count of uttering threats due to his involvement in a confrontation with a man in the 10100-block of King George Boulevard on April 3. The target was later charged with child luring.

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A video of the confrontation was posted on the Surrey Creep Catcher page and showed LaForge shoving a man against a wall and using profane language. At the time, Creep Catcher Nicole Hunter said the alleged pedophile was arrested and LaForge was taken into custody for assault and released.

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Then on April 19, Surrey RCMP responded to a similar confrontation between one man allegedly involved in child luring and three men believed to be involved with the Creep Catchers organization. Officers arrested two men at the scene —; a suspect allegedly involved in child luring and 37-year-old Lance Loy from the organization. The two remaining men, one of which was LaForge, fled the scene before police arrived.

As a result of the second incident, both LaForge and Loy are charged with one count of assault.

Loy has been scheduled to appear in court on Thursday and a warrant for the arrest of LaForge has been issued by authorities. Police say a third suspect is being investigated for his part in these incidents.

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LaForge posted to his Facebook page saying “WE WONT [sic] STOP. I promise you that, and with these up coming charges against us we need your support more than ever.”

Also in the post he says he stands “behind our citizens arrests as non violent but necessary force to detain the subject, there are a few aspects that have become violent…”. He goes on to say that “myself and another member are going through court now for multiple charges of assualt [sic] and uttering threats. We need this movement to have a clean image to come off as we truely [sic] are … Non violent citizens who care enough for child protection to be out here risking our own freedom. We will leave it in our justice systems hands to deal with us as they see fit and I am ready to pay and serve any sentence handed down for this cause that i believe in.”

Creep Catchers is a loose collection of organizations across Canada that claim to expose people they allege are child sexual predators by posing online as minors before meeting in person to film and berate their targets.

The group claims to have outed several people, including a Surrey RCMP officer and a Mission elementary school principal.

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Law enforcement officials across Canada have repeatedly expressed concern about the groups, warning the public that confronting alleged child predators could put people in danger and compromise police investigations.

LaForge is facing multiple defamation lawsuits in British Columbia.

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