National Caesar Day: How to make Dan Levy’s version of the Calgary-created cocktail

Canadians might not know this, but the Caesar was created in Calgary.

The cocktail was invented by Walter Chell while he worked at the Calgary Inn (now the Westin Calgary).

The boozy history of the Canadian-created Caesar

In honour of National Caesar Day, which falls on the Thursday before the Victoria Day long weekend, Global Calgary welcomed bartender Ray Burton from Last Best Brewing on set to discuss the Canadian cocktail.

Burton demonstrated how to make a version of the cocktail created by Canadian comedian and Dan Levy.

Dan Levy’s official Caesar of 2017: ‘Don’t Go Bacon My Heart’:


1 oz (30 mL) vodka4 generous dashes of Worcestershire sauce4 generous dashes of Cholula hot sauce1/4 oz (7.5 mL) green olive juice1 teaspoon white horseradish3 pinches of truffle salt4 grinds of cracked pepperMott’s Clamato Extra Spicy CocktailMott’s Clamato Pickled Bean Cocktail


2 strips of maple bacon – crispy1 mini egg slider: made with soft scramble eggs, ketchup1 slice cheese, mini burger bun2 tater tots1 crueller donut hole


    Rim a highball glass with juice from a lemon wedge and celery saltFill the glass halfway with iceAdd the ingredients in the order listed aboveSqueeze the lemon wedge into the glassStir well to mix cocktail then garnish in the following order:

Place two strips of crispy maple bacon on top of the glassPlace the mini scrambled egg slider on top of the baconStack the two tater tots and the donut hole on top of the egg slider using a long bamboo skewer

Levy’s Caesar was created as part of a contest with Mott’s Clamato.


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