London city councillor to take on private parking lots

A London city councillor wants to make sure downtown public and private parking lots are on a level playing field when it comes to infractions.

Coun. Mo Salih has tabled a motion asking city staff to outline possible steps that could be taken to ensure parking fines on privately owned lots are the same as city-owned lots.

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The motion comes after Salih heard many stories of people being ticketed by Impark at rates that are sometimes more than double what the city charges for an infraction.

“When I hear of stories of people who go downtown and they’re a few minutes over their meter and they get fines that are twice as high as a city of London ticket, to me makes no sense,” said Salih.

The fine for an expired pay and display parking meter ticket at a city-owned lot is $30. Fines at Impark lots have been reported to be as much as $75.

Impark has recently come under fire from local London business Scotty’s Shine Shop, which says it’s moving out of the core because of problems with improper ticketing of customers.

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The Ward 3 councillor says he wants to start a conversation about the issue and wants to hear public input.

“With any private lots in our city, we need to have a conversation and take steps to make sure that people aren’t feeling like they’re being gouged, that people aren’t being penalized for coming and spending their money downtown,” said Salih.

Salih’s motion will be debated at the community and protective services committee meeting on Wednesday, May 24, 2017, at 4 p.m. at city hall.

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