Expect increased police patrols and check-stops in Sask. this May long weekend

Police across Saskatchewan will be out in force running check stops to curb and catch impaired drivers this May long weekend.

“We want everyone to be able to enjoy their long weekend in the company of their loved ones,” said Earl Cameron, executive vice-president of the Auto Fund for Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI).

“As you head out this weekend, make sure to buckle up and put the cellphone away, and don’t drive if you’ve consumed drugs or alcohol.”

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“Our members, along with other police officers across the province, will be out this weekend, specifically seeking out those who have chosen to drive impaired,” said Sgt. Ian Barr of the Regina police traffic section.

“Anyone we find ignoring the drinking and driving laws will be held accountable. The cost of drunk driving can be immense – injury, loss of life, loss of income, and legal consequences are all realistic possible outcomes. It’s just not worth it.”

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SGI is reminding drivers the province introduced tough new impaired driving laws at the start of the year. This includes a three day license suspension and vehicle seizure for experienced drivers caught driving with a blood alcohol content over .04.

There is a zero tolerance policy for drivers under 21 and anyone in the Graduated Driver Licensing program operating a vehicle with any level of drug or alcohol in their system. If caught, the penalty is a minimum 60 day license suspension and three day vehicle seizure.

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SGI suggest alternatives to impaired driving, like taking a cab, calling a friend, using public transit, a designated driver service or just stay the night.

Some police agencies will also be rewarding safe driving behaviour with a positive ticketing campaign over the long weekend.

Additionally, SGI is reminding long weekend travelers that increased traffic means an increased chance of being involved in a collision.

READ MORE: Saskatchewan victim of impaired driving featured in awareness campaign

The insurance company’s preliminary 2016 data shows 255 collisions last May long, resulting in 82 injuries and two deaths.

Saskatchewan’s provincial parks will also have a temporary alcohol ban, which lasts from May 18-22. Cottages and commercial businesses in parks are not affected.

Some regional parks are also implementing alcohol bans.

Downtown Calgary CTrain stations to be closed over May long weekend

Calgary CTrain users moving around Calgary’s downtown over the May long weekend should be prepared to take shuttle buses instead, as all downtown CTrain stations will be closed.

The Red Line will be closed between Sunnyside and Victoria Park-Stampede stations, and the Blue Line will be closed between Downtown West-Kerby and Bridgeland-Memorial stations.

How will this affect my commute?

Shuttle buses will take CTrain users between the stations.

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The shuttles will operate on the same schedule as CTrain normally would, and transit users can be picked up in the area of their station, according to Calgary Transit.

Those taking the Red Line shuttle toward Somerset-Bridlewood can catch the shuttle along 9 Avenue SE. If you’re taking the Red Line toward Tuscany, you can catch the shuttle along 6 Avenue SE.

For the Blue Line, commuters heading toward 69 Street can catch the shuttle along 6 Avenue SE. Heading toward Saddletowne, commuters can catch the shuttle along 9 Avenue SE.

Riders are encouraged to keep in mind that on weekends and holidays, CTrains operate on a reduced schedule compared to weekdays.

Why close the stations on a weekend?

Calgary Transit chooses weekends to close down stations in order to complete necessary upgrades and repairs.

Fewer riders use the CTrains on weekends, meaning the disruptions will impact less commuters. Closing over a weekend, particularly a long weekend, allows crews to have longer periods of time to complete the work than they would overnight, or during shorter closures.

About 285,000 passengers ride CTrains in Calgary each day.

For more information on the closure, shuttle buses, and to plan your long weekend trips, visit calgarytransit杭州夜网, or use the Calgary Transit app.

Alberta RCMP urge road safety ahead of May long weekend

The Victoria Day long weekend marks the unofficial start to the summer road-tripping season. With all the extra vehicles on the road, Alberta RCMP want to urge drivers to be patient and obey the rules of the road.

During the May long weekend last year, there were five fatal collisions and 42 injury collisions in Alberta RCMP jurisdictions. Over the three days, 3,105 speeding tickets were issued, 73 seat belt violations were handed out and 22 tickets were issued for distracted driving.

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  • Alberta ramps up enforcement to protect public land

  • What to pack in your Emergency Roadside Kit

  • Elk Island National Park sees jump in visitors with free Parks Canada passes

    READ MORE: Deadly May long weekend on Alberta roads

    RCMP urge people to abide by the speed limits, put their cellphones away and stay focused on the road.

    “Typically, during the Victoria Day weekend, we see an increase in traffic volume on the highways, as well as a greater mix of cars, RVs and motorcycles,” said Steve Daley with Alberta RCMP Traffic Services.

    “This long weekend we are asking everyone to be prepared for heavier traffic. You can ensure everyone gets to their destinations safely and enjoy the long weekend by buckling up, taking your time, putting the phone down and staying alert to others on the road.”

    READ MORE: 2016 the second coldest May long weekend in Calgary in at least 40 years

    With increased visits to National Parks because of the free park passes this year, Alberta RCMP anticipate there will be even more traffic on the roads in the Banff, Jasper and Waterton Lakes areas.

    “Under normal circumstances, the national parks in Alberta attract a lot of visitors, but this summer, that number is likely to increase significantly,” said Supt. Rick Gardner with Alberta Traffic Sheriffs. “Our goal is to ensure that all roads users within the parks drive safely, giving everyone a chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery the parks have to offer.”

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    The Alberta Motor Association also has tips for drivers to help make long weekend road-tripping go smoothly.

    Cheat in traffic

    With nice weather comes road construction in Alberta. When approaching construction that forces a lane closure, the AMA suggests drivers fight the urge to immediately merge and instead use the zipper merge method.

    READ MORE: ‘It’s OK to cheat’ when merging into traffic, AMA says

    Drivers are asked to use both lanes until the point of closure, then alternate into the open lane one vehicle at a time. The AMA said zipper merging can reduce congestion by as much as 40 per cent.

    Slow down to speed up

    When in heavier traffic, less aggressive driving can get you to your destination faster, according to the AMA. Drivers should maintain a steady speed, avoid unnecessary lane changes and increase their following distance.

    The AMA said this method will improve fuel efficiency and prevent tickets.

    Be prepared

    Whether your drive is one hour or eight, everyone should have an emergency kit in their vehicle. Before hitting the road, drivers should have a full tank of gas, a recently tested battery, topped-up fluids, clean filters and proper tire pressure.

    The AMA offers a hands-free road reporter app that can also help drivers plan their route and be aware of construction.

    Alberta 511 also posts up-to-date road conditions.

    For the latest on the weather in your region, download the Global News Skytracker weather app for IOS and Android.

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Caught on camera: Scary close call as boy darts in front of train in Houston

The Houston METRO transit company has released video of a frightening close call at one of their stations involving a moving train, a little boy, and a matter of mere inches between the two.

Their message for commuters: be careful.

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  • Ontario judges now required to go through training on sexual assault issues

  • Campers caught in winter wonderland west of Calgary on Wednesday

  • Woman hit and killed by CTrain at Whitehorn LRT Station was using cellphone: Calgary police

    “Remember, our trains weigh about 50 tons, which is the equivalent of seven fully-grown African elephants!” the company said in a statement on Facebook. “They can’t easily or quickly stop even if traveling slowly. Keep this in mind when a train is approaching a platform.”

    The video was released last Friday by the company as a warning for commuters, with traffic expected to pick up in the summer months.

    “It’s closer to the summer months when we’ll have more people on our train system and we really wanted to talk to parents about telling and warning their kids about the potential dangers of playing around the metro rail or crossing the metro rail,” Jackie Gill, a media specialist at Houston METRO, told CBS News.

    READ MORE: Woman hit and killed by CTrain at Whitehorn LRT Station was using cellphone: Calgary police

    The video shows two boys chasing after each other at a METRO station as a train approaches. One boy darts across the tracks as the other follows — with the train bearing down just feet away.

    The conductor blasted his horn, which apparently alerted the boy to the imminent danger. He stopped in his tracks and doubled back, avoiding an impact by just inches.

    Houston METRO says the video was taken this past October. They are not releasing the boy’s name or any further information, hoping the video serves as a shock-value reminder of the importance of following safety procedures when riding the train.

    “We want to let the public know to just be aware of their surroundings,” Gill said.

Your Saskatchewan – Saskatoon: May 2017

Every day on Global News at 6 and Global News at 10, we feature a viewer submitted photo for Your Saskatchewan.

To submit a picture for Your Saskatchewan, email to [email protected]杭州夜网.

Pictures should be at least 920 pixels wide and in jpeg format.

GALLERY: Your Saskatchewan – Saskatoon: April 2017

May 1: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Paige Ziprick near Borden.

Paige Ziprick / Supplied

May 2: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Braden Ottenbreit at Narrow Hills Provincial Park.

Braden Ottenbreit / Supplied

May 3: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Jennifer Stewart-McGillivary at Cumberland House.

Jennifer Stewart-McGillivary / Supplied

May 4: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Meghan Mickelson at Cranberry Flats.

Meghan Mickelson / Supplied

May 5: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Kim Gilbert near Consul.

Kim Gilbert / Supplied

May 6: Stacie Misponas took this Your Saskatchewan photo on the English River First Nation.

Stacie Misponas / Viewer Submitted

May 7: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken near Kenaston by Leah Pople.

Leah Pople / Viewer Submitted

May 8: Alyssa Thunstrom took this Your Saskatchewan photo in Grasswood.

Alyssa Thunstrom / Viewer Submitted

May 9: This Saskatoon Your Saskatchewan photo was snapped by Marilyn Wiggins.

Marilyn Wiggins / Viewer Submitted

May 10: Elaine King from Saskatoon took this Your Saskatchewan photo.

Elaine King / Viewer Submitted

May 11: Albert Katsiris took this Your Saskatchewan photo of three bears at Battlefords Provincial Park.

Albert Katsiris / Viewer Submitted

May 12: This Your Saskatchewan photo of eleven goslings tucked under their mother’s wing was taken in Saskatoon by Helen Anderson.

Helen Anderson / Viewer Submitted

May 13: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Carol Neabel in Cochin.

Carol Neabel / Viewer Supplied

May 14: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Annette Wylie at Wakaw.

Annette Wylie / Supplied

May 15: Dennis Iron took this Your Saskatchewan photo at Canoe Lake.

Dennis Iron / Viewer Submitted

May 16: Xander Dreger took this Your Saskatchewan photo in Watrous.

Xander Dreger / Viewer Submitted

May 17: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Scot Muri near Hodgeville.

Scot Muri / Viewer Supplied

May 18: Jordan Leis took this Your Saskatchewan photo near Perdue.

Jordan Leis / Viewer Submitted

May 19: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken in Hepburn by Tara Stadnyk.

Tara Stadnyk / Viewer Submitted

May 20: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Carol Neabel of a great horned owl at Battlefords Provincial Park.

Carol Neabel / Supplied

May 21: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Susan Sagen at Kenaston.

Susan Sagen / Supplied

May 22: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Darren in Lanigan.

Viewer Supplied

May 23: Tanya Callaway took this Your Saskatchewan photo at Beaver Creek.

Tanya Callaway / Viewer Submitted

May 24: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken in Warman by Wendy Miller.

Wendy Miller / Viewer Submitted

May 25: Breyanne Parkinson took this Your Saskatchewan photo in Cando.

Breyanne Parkinson / Viewer Submitted

May 26: This Your Saskatchewan photo was snapped by Val Lins in Humboldt.

Val Lins / Viewer Submitted

May 27: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Patrick Therrien in Willow Bunch.

Patrick Therrien / Supplied

May 28: This Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Marie Krystyna at Riding Mountain.

Marie Krystyna / Supplied

May 30: This Saskatoon Your Saskatchewan photo was taken by Jordan Leis.

Jordan Leis / Viewer Submitted

May 31: Aaron Suek took this Your Saskatchewan photo of a rare whooping crane with five sandhill cranes just west of Saskatoon.

Aaron Suek / Viewer Submitted

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Saskatoon weather outlook: frosty Thursday, change for May long weekend

Story highlights

Frosty Thursday morning

Sunshine returns

Warmer weather moves in Friday

Unsettled May long weekend

Frosty start to the day with temperatures falling below freezing, but changes are moving in just in time for the long weekend!

Saskatoon Forecast


An arctic high sliding by helped temperatures fall below freezing Thursday morning with widespread frost across the region.

Temperatures in Saskatoon fell back to -2 with places like Prince Albert and North Battleford cooling back to -4 to start the day with wind chills making it feel as cool as -6.

Sunny skies with some high clouds stuck around, which assisted in quickly warming us up into double digits by mid-morning.

Sunshine and some high cloud stuck around during the afternoon with a daytime high in the mid-teens.


A warm, southerly wind around 20 km/h to 30 km/h will kick in to end off the work week thanks to a low pressure system in northern Alberta, which will help warm us up into the high teens for a daytime high.

Sunny skies will start the morning with some more clouds likely to build in during the day.

A warm push of air moves in on Friday with a southerly wind kicking in.

SkyTracker Weather

May Long Weekend

The kick off to the long weekend will be lovely with temperatures climbing into the low 20s on Saturday and increasing cloudiness during the day as a trough swings through with a chance of late day showers.

Sunday will be slightly cooler and cloudier with a chance of showers and risk of a thunderstorm and a daytime high still expected to make it into the low 20s.

20 degree temperatures make their triumphant return just in time for the long weekend.

SkyTracker Weather

Unsettled conditions continue for Victoria Day Monday with a chance of showers or thunderstorms as we warm up to an afternoon high in the high teens or low 20s.

Work Week Outlook

Most models are bringing in an upper ridge of high pressure to start the work week, keeping us in some more sunshine with daytime highs in the low 20s into the middle of the week.

Here is your Saskatoon SkyTracker 7-Day Weather Forecast.

SkyTracker Weather

Jordan Leis took this Your Saskatchewan photo near Perdue:

May 18: Jordan Leis took this Your Saskatchewan photo near Perdue.

Jordan Leis / Viewer Submitted

Saskatoon weather outlook is your source for Saskatoon’s most accurate forecast and is your one stop shop for all things weather for central and northern Saskatchewan with comprehensive, in depth analysis that you can only find here.

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Some of the biggest wedding regrets from Global News readers (and how to avoid them)

Weddings, like any large event, are tough to pull off without a hitch. Most brides or grooms will tell you that there are certain things — big or small — that they wished they could have done differently on their big day.

Several Global News readers shared their regrets about their wedding day, ranging from one small detail to regretting how all the events of the day went altogether.

Not planning enough & using family as vendors:

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Calgary mom of three Robin Tomlinson said her wedding ended with her curled up in bed, bawling. She said almost everything about the wedding went wrong, but admits that she should have invested a bit more into the event, instead of trusting relatives to carry out the tasks they were delegated to do.

Millennials are spending a lot of money to go to weddings

“I sort of had a ‘get it over with’ mentality, so I backed off on a lot of planning. I guess I didn’t think I would care,” she said. “I just thought they [my family] would do it right without me telling them how to do it,” she said.

Tomlinson, who celebrated her 10-year wedding anniversary last month, said her uncle, a professional photographer, decided he didn’t want to take pictures that day so they didn’t get any useable photos. On top of that, their justice of the peace, whom they had only met on the morning of the wedding, made Tomlinson look into her sister’s eyes as she said her vows. She also added that one side of her family, who are strictly religious, objected to having alcohol inside the wedding venue, so all the wine had to be placed outdoors. She said she also regrets not getting a wedding cake.

“I don’t have any good memories about it, actually,” she said. “I wish I would have just accepted that it was going to cost some money. It’s once in a lifetime, so why not get a cake? Why not do all those things?”



Bride gets life-saving kidney transplant days before her wedding



Newlywed parents hold son with stage four cancer after hospital wedding



Couple’s wedding saved after venue cancels last minute due to weather


Global News at 10 Saskatoon

Saskatoon couple loses home to fire two months before their wedding

A venue that’s too small for the guest list:

Staci Anderson, a newlywed from Springfield, Mo., said she and her husband got married at an auction barn, which her husband owns.

“He was bound and determined that that’s where he wanted it at. When you’re in love with someone, you give a little bit, and that’s where I gave out,” Anderson said.

“We should’ve had a wedding where we were in a church, because we had so many people there that we couldn’t fit them in,” she said. “We had people standing outside, people standing everywhere. It was packed full of people!”

5 money-saving tips to help you avoid wedding day disasters

Not ensuring the makeup is waterproof:

One Toronto-based bride, who asked to remain unnamed, said she regretted hiring her makeup artist. Despite having done a trial weeks before with the artist, who was from the salon at the hotel they were staying in, the makeup artist didn’t use waterproof mascara.

“It was a detail I didn’t think about confirming — waterproof!” she said. “I was bawling down the aisle with a black streak down my face.”

Leaving the wedding hungry:

Tamara Chun, an Ontario high school teacher, said her “I dos” in February. She said her day was special, but she wished she had thought ahead to make sure she and her husband didn’t go hungry during their buffet dinner.

“My mom grabbed us food, but everything good had run out,” she said. “We never ended up eating anything anyway, because people kept asking us to take photos with them.”

Not hiring a videographer:

Tammy Kim has been married for nearly 20 years, but says there is one lasting memory of her wedding that she wished she had caught on camera.

“I regret that we didn’t get a video of me and my girlfriends doing this dance at the reception to the Salt-N-Pepa song ‘Whatta Man,’” she said, adding that she got married at a time before social media was popular.

Maid of honour’s ‘insane’ bender turns Florida wedding into a nightmare

How to get over regrets or avoid them altogether

For wedding planners Laura Atendido and Rebecca Chan, they’ve seen all sorts of things go wrong at events and have some sage advice on what to do to mitigate any regrets.

Atendido says she often hears two main regrets regarding vendors: not hiring a videographer and using “friend-ors” (friends as vendors).

“I find that clients are often willing to forego a videographer. It seems like a luxury added expense but the day goes by so quickly like a blur,” she said.

Atendido suggests that hiring an amateur videographer, if only to have some raw footage of the day, is one way to lower costs.

Tips for cutting costs on your wedding without sacrificing quality

Chan and Atendido agree that hiring friends to take care of things like photography or the cake is a risky decision.

“I always say [combining] business and pleasure is always a recipe for disaster,” Atendido said.

In her experience, she said most brides end up feeling disappointed by their “friend-ors” because the quality of service was not as great as they thought it would be.


Global News at 5:30 Toronto

Sisterhood of the travelling wedding skirt


Global News Hour at 6

Wedding scams to avoid


The Morning Show

The hottest wedding trends of 2017


Global News Hour at 6

How to save money on your wedding



Is it fair to have a wedding on a long weekend?

“If that service goes wrong and you’re not happy with the service, is that going to ruin your friendship?” asked Chan. “If you are hiring a friend, you need to take it seriously because it is a business. You need an invoice and you should pay them.”

As for making sure things don’t go wrong on the big day (like for our anonymous bride), Chan said couples should never be afraid to ask too many questions.

“Not all wedding vendors are created equally. I recommend asking what the experience of the vendor is and how many weddings they’ve done or do in a year,” she said.

Alberta couple loses $9K as dream wedding falls apart; warns of scam

Couples counselor Sherry Amatenstein, author of The Complete Marriage Counselor, advises couples to take a breath and consider what is really important.

“In the scheme of life, what’s the most important thing? Some of the regrets that couples often tell me is, ‘Oh, my God, I spent so much time fighting over the flowers,’ or this or that,” she said.

For couples who are holding onto their wedding regrets from years past, Amatenstein says it may help to change your mindset to focus on the small things that did go right.

“Sometimes it’s the wacky things that go wrong that are the most memorable. So how can you look at it at a different way than, ‘Oh my goodness, that didn’t work out’?” she said. “Because if that’s how you look at the wedding, it’s probably how you look at other things as well.”

‘House of Cards’ star Robin Wright says Donald Trump ‘stole all our ideas’

According to Robin Wright, Donald Trump’s presidency plays like an episode of House of Cards.

Wright, who plays Claire Underwood on Netflix’s popular political drama, confessed the U.S. President’s many scandals are disheartening. “I’ve got to see the hope somewhere,” Wright told Variety, “Oh my God, we have four years of this.”

The actress, 51, attended Variety and Kering’s Women in Motion Talk at the Cannes Film Festival. “Trump has stolen all of our ideas for season 6,” she joked.

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RELATED: Robin Wright reveals she demanded same salary as Kevin Spacey

But if Wright had her way, she’d like to see “Michelle Obama up there. She would be a great female president.”

House of Cards has been a big feather in the cap of Wright, who has an impressive resume with roles in Forrest Gump and The Princess Bride. It turns out, however, she almost turned down the role of the Mrs. Underwood.

She was hesitant to return to television and was worried by her character’s minor role in the British show that inspired the hit Netflix series. Her confidence was renewed after being told Claire would be an equal to the character played by Kevin Spacey.

RELATED: First official trailer for ‘House of Cards’ Season 5

“She’s Lady Macbeth to Richard III,” said Wright. “You realize she’s just as fierce and evil, she just doesn’t have to talk so much. She’s the best of both sexes.”

Wright also addressed the demand for more diversity in Hollywood: “You don’t have to yell. You can just stand your ground, speak your truth, and amplify your voice in that way.”

“Feminism today has become such a derogatory or diva like word,” she continued. “Feminism means equality period. Equal work, equal pay.”

“Equal work, equal pay” is something Wright knows plenty about. She made headlines as a role model for gender equality after successfully demanding the same equal pay as her House of Cards co-star Spacey. That is why it was so unsettling when it was recently revealed that show creators were reportedly lying to her face.

Posing topless for The Edit Magazine, Wright reflected on finding out Spacey was making approximately $80,000 more than her per episode. “I was told that I was getting equal pay and I believed them and I found out recently that it’s not true,” she revealed. “So that’s something to investigate.”

The actress added: “Claire and Francis are equivalent as far as their power, their union and the plot. I may not have as many scenes or words as Francis, but Claire doesn’t need to verbalize as much. Francis is an orator, a poet, a demonstrator.”

Continuing, “Claire is an [ego] that sits in the back and directs him, but they are partners on the same plane.”

A report from The Huffington Post estimates Spacey was making $500,000 per episode ahead of season 3, while Wright made $5.5 million for her role on the show between 2014 to 2015, averaging out at $420,000 per episode.

2 women wanted on Canada-wide warrants in connection with luxury auto-theft operation

Edmonton police have issued Canada-wide warrants for two women wanted in connection with “a Canada-wide auto-theft operation targeting luxury vehicles,” EPS said in a release Thursday.

Altogether, five recovered vehicles are estimated to be worth about $525,000, EPS said.

On March 23, it was reported to police that two vehicles had been stolen from an Edmonton luxury car dealership “using fraudulent identification.”

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  • Police seize $2.3M in stolen high-end cars in international bust

  • Ontario police bust luxury car theft ring that sold vehicles internationally

    Detectives investigated and uncovered a national auto-theft operation origination in Ontario involving dealerships across the country.

    According to EPS, individuals applied to buy the vehicles online, allegedly using stolen or fraudulent ID, and then came from out-of-province to pick up the vehicles and drive them to Ontario.

    Edmonton and Saskatoon police recovered three stolen luxury cars and one stolen luxury truck in Saskatoon on March 24. Another vehicle was found in Edmonton on March 29 and a 45-year-old man was arrested.

    Police are still investigating and are looking for two more female suspects.

    “This investigation involved the cooperation of several police, government and financial agencies across the country,” EPS Det. Dwayne Karpo said.

    “Thanks to their support, we were able to successfully interrupt this nationwide auto-theft operation and prevent further identity fraud.”

    Gene Nikota, 45, has been charged with fraud over $5,000, possession of stolen property over $5,000, two counts of possession of an identity document, two counts of uttering a forged document and intent/obtain property.

    Kimberly Barlow, 38, and Jennifer Callihoo, 33, are wanted for a total of 40 auto- and identity-theft offences. Canada-wide warrants have been issued for their arrests.

    Anyone who has information about the whereabouts of Barlow and Callihoo is asked to contact the EPS at 780-423-4567 or #377 from a mobile phone. Anonymous information can also be submitted to Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or online.

Calgary senior granted wish to meet great-grandkids: ‘I haven’t hugged them and I’m going to’

It’s been years since Gordon Norwood has seen his grandson Matthew. He’s been longing to reconnect with him and meet Matthew’s wife, Dtang.

The couple lives in Thailand and has two children together: Katherine is six years old and Nicholas is three.

Norwood has never met his great-grandchildren and to be able to do so is the only thing on his bucket list.

“I’m 87 years old; I don’t have much longer to go,” Norwood said. “It’s simple: I want to meet my family.

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  • Family reunited with man who saved them on deserted Manitoba highway

  • Video project aims to reunite family members disconnected by homelessness

    “They’re my family and I haven’t hugged them and I’m going to. That’s my wish.”

    Norwood lives at the Chartwell Colonel Belcher retirement residence, where staff nominated him to be the recipient for Wish of a Lifetime. The charity was created to value the older generation by fulfilling seniors’ dreams.

    Diane Haskins, the lifestyle program manager for Chartwell, said nobody is more deserving than Norwood.

    “We were ecstatic and so happy for Gordon,” Haskins said. “Words can’t express how excited we were for him. He was on cloud nine and we were so happy for him.”

    Norwood served in the Canadian Armed Forces for 17 years.

    He’s a Korean War veteran and was granted his wish to fly to Thailand with his daughter, Sharon Link. She knows this will very likely be her father’s final trip.

    “I’m just glad I’m allowed to be a part of this with him, because this will be it,” Link said. “Makes it tough, but this is really what he wants to do. Matthew is very dear to him.”

    Matthew and Gordon have a special bond. Matthew was 15 years old when he was involved in a serious car accident. He suffered severe injuries and his leg had to be amputated. During his recovery, he lived with his grandfather. The two stay in touch with weekly phone calls.

    “I have a special feeling for Matthew. He’s been a fighter, he’s overcome everything,” Norwood said. “He’s a survivor.”

    After the long journey to Thailand, Norwood couldn’t wait to wrap his arms around his family.

    “All of a sudden I heard a little girl say, ‘Grandpa!’” Norwood recalled. “And there was my great-granddaughter. It was marvelous.”

    Gordon Norwood hugs his great-granddaughter Katherine.

    They all spent two weeks together sightseeing and bonding.

    Photo courtesy of Thomas de Cian Photography

    Thomas de Cian Photography

    Global News contacted Norwood’s grandson, Matthew Pritchett, by phone in Bangkok, Thailand. He fondly recalled the times they shared. He especially cherished the time his grandfather spent with his children.

    “It’s about as rewarding as anything a father can have happen,” Pritchett said. “For me to have my kids know who I believe is a true hero and spend time with him – it vindicated everything I did as a father.”

    Nobody wanted the trip to come to an end.

    Gordon Norwood with great-grandchildren Nicholas and Katherine

    “I cannot begin to describe exactly how I felt,” Norwood said. “Really! I didn’t want to come back. It was heartbreaking.”

    But Norwood felt he made everlasting memories he will cherish forever.

    “It’s blissful, that’s all I can say.”

    “Something you will not forget, something you’ll never let go and something you wish would never end.”